Wish hospitality is the concept turned into reality. We truly believe that a person should live to the fullest and we at wish hospitality makes the life king large. Either it is your corporate incentives  trade tours or a desire to own a imported car or a unique island wedding or a conceptual brand building or product launches, we have concepts and experience which are unmatched . Our bunch of experience team are ready to make  world small and better place to live, by bringing your desire from any part of world to your doorsteps.

We at wish hospitality truly wants to change the meaning of word “Hospitality”, these days hospitality word is only attach to holiday making or hotelier brand our meaning of hospitality is to make you reach your dreams in most sophisticated way and with a wide range of services which are unmatched with any other hospitality company. Like life and body is born from materials like earth, air, water, fire and soul we have our different brands like Tra-well, memories, cube, desire compiling into a successful living. A one point contact for any of your need for hospitality holidays, trade tours, outdoor weddings, business Events, Gala Dinners, Press Conference, Media Presence, PR, DMC representations and utility or passion management. We take hospitality not to next stage or level but to the utmost level it could be imagined.  

We have a mission of delivering you the best of the life you your company your people and brands attached with us from around the world. We makes a step further in making a life easy big and perfect. We have a mission to attain best of the happiness feeling in heart of people associated with us in business or carrier. Our mission and oath is to “Delivers your each Desires to your Doorsteps”.

We have varieties of hospitality services, which will change your world from its base.

Wish hospitality have its base finance and support from a company in UAE Dubai with strong infrastructure and hospitality business, which owes a travel management company and hotels in UAE.

With strong back up we are able to deliver you what exactly is your need our second part is a strong PR company based in Singapore, which helps, and support us on our concept of utility and passion management. Also this company is associated with some of the finest products of earth. Like euro copter, charter A7 etc.

Coming up with a new name in India, we have selected the most experience names from the industry of travel hospitality to make our base stronger in India.

We have different people at different level which joins hand together to deliver true hospitality services, trade business tours, conceptual PR, Utility management, outdoors wedding and events and so on and on and on.