Cube is a PR division of Wish hospitality brand which is a dynamic Public Relations company which believes in strong ideation, great business understanding, global perspective and an in-depth local understanding of the market in building a robust corporate communication strategy for its Brands. Our unique expertise caters to your diverse P.R. needs from Media Communications and Promotional Events to Digital P.R, ensuring a superior image for your brand that connects with its target audience.


Since our inception and expertise we deal with niche product and do not constrain word PR to its basic definition, we change it we changed it by soul so as it can understand the exact mechanism of your need and make the necessary modifications as per requirements., our mantra of creating an integrated PR campaign that is in line with the Brand's business objectives have enabled us to specialize in servicing clients across various sectors including Luxury, Lifestyle, Fashion, Health & Wellness, Hospitality, ecommerce and Technology etc.


We have a comprehensive approach to marketing oriented PR initiatives and campaigns. Ideating and artfully executing ideas through an outstanding team of creative minded professionals is what our division soul promises to deliver.


We are based in head quarter is in Ahmedabad and main motive is give your brand real meaning of brand.  we have a very strong national presence with offices and affiliates in more than 04 metros in the country and also have strong presence in entire UAE- Dubai and Singapore.


Our Cube partner’s are experience to understand the real need of yours and module a proper day to day PR.


PR is not a game of moment it is a game which has been fought thru medieval age. All of us need an identity the time we are born so we give names to ourselves.We at cube clearly believe that your name should be known to people once you enter the industry.


This days the world full of competition a day to day updations and media presence is very essential to sustain a brand.


Corporate Communications: in today's competitive marketplace need constant visibility in the media to succeed. The right kind of publicity helps build awareness and build Brand image. Our team of experts can generate significant brand-recall for your brand among customers by ensuring that all your activities, from product launches, promotional events to quarterly results receive the right amount of media coverage.



Media Understanding and Relations: Media is the largest and one of the most direct ways to interact with your target audience. News Media in India is a trusted medium and thus news generated about your brand can vouch for its credibility.

We at CUBE have built rapport with Media across electronic channels, publication houses, online portals, new agencies through sheer understanding of their needs. Sustainable media relation is based on our ability to create Win Win propositions between our client and the media.

Our network across India enables us to spread and communicate on your behalf. This helps generate continuous and accurate news regarding your brand's activities in all your target markets.


Ideation for an effective communication plan: ideas focus around understanding the needs of your brand and its audience and communicating effectively. Be it short promotional events or long-term PR campaigns, we visualize unique concepts that generate interest in your brand.


Editorial Services: at CUBE constantly re-invent ways to package information regarding your brand, so as to create media-interest. Our talented editorial team specializes in clear and lucid language to ensure all news regarding your brand from press releases, annual reports to feedback from Company Spokesperson is communicated effectively and accurately.




Event Management & Promotions: aids you in all stages of event management and promotion, from planning and conceptualization to execution. Our team is also experienced in extending personal invitations to key figures in the media, communicating with celebrities and managing the function itself. We advise our clients on executing events and promotions in the most "news worthy" manner.




Crisis Management: team can help you develop a comprehensive planning and communication program to avert or manage crisis. We can help you deal with intense media scrutiny and bring the situation under control by providing you with the time and opportunity to plug negative opinions and create a balanced opinion.


Digital PR: newly implemented service helps us to extend traditional P.R. practices along with innovative interactive P.R. strategies and viral campaigns, to the latest preferred medium for information – the internet. Our unique ideas employ search engines, blogging as well as user-generated content to promote your brand. Unlike traditional medium that enable only one-way communication, online P.R. also acts as an important tool to receive valuable feedback from your target audience.



Media Intelligence and News associations: updated with all news pieces on your company and the industry is an important tool to perceive the general opinion of the brand. We at Media Moments monitor all the important news publications, wires, electronic channels and digital media for any news regarding your brand or fresh information on industry or competition activities.

Our network also enables us to gather information regarding upcoming industry-related news articles and ensure a healthy participation for your brand in the same.


We at soul PR  believe that  a cross-platform PR solution is essential to drive the business goals of your organization. From conceptualization to execution, our ideas utilize the multiple aspects of Marketing and PR effectively helping brands reach their consumers in the most impactful style We ensure that each PR initiative is integrated comprehensively across the variety of spheres we specialize in. Our focus is to understand your needs & business environment and then visualize campaigns that invoke curiosity and build brand-image by leaving a lasting impression on your consumers.


International Campaign Management: provide strategic global campaign management services via a team of dedicated, multi-lingual international coordination specialists. We manage worldwide and regional corporate communications programmes for clients, taking a lead agency role, managing planning, messaging and content creation, handling international business media, structuring global social channels, creating global communications policies and guidelines and establishing coordination processes.



International campaign management services include:


“We Believe that name is only known once its well known” so give us your brand, name and we will make it reach to highest aspect you have desire with fulfillment of your inner desire. “Think it” “Brand It” “Cube It”.