Desire is a brand of Wish hospitality which caters to utility management concepts we have different logics and understanding for the word “Utility Management” We believe that utility is mother of any inventions or desires and we at wish hospitality brings some of the finest ,niche and non available products which you desire.  


Desire is very niche and different product compared to any other division of wish hospitality it is a division which is just not a thought or idea of one mind it is a concept which has strong brains and experience hearts working for it.


We at desire develops the world into small place by making you reach the things which are not a part of your world. India being a developing country  we are still among some of the product which are unavailable due to political or other issues but we at desire understands the importance that we are one of the strongest nations and any thing which is available in other part of world should also be a part of your prestige life too .  


WE at desire deals with automobiles industry all the brand which are still not available in India either it is Lamborghini or Maserati or Ferrari we have our strong base in UAE and Singapore who will import it for you without any worries.


Our range of product does not end with above three names its whatever you desire any imported cars, bikes, range of imported products which are niche brand and unavailable in India like Electronics, Private Charters, Yatch, Machinery etc..


WE at desire also deals with one of the biggest aspect of real estate development we believe that Indian business is nowadays not limited to India but we make our self a strong presence in world market. We at desire an unit of wish  hospitality  closely work with more than 63 countries PR agencies and real estate developers our strong real estate business base in UAE gives us immense confidence to make you reach any part of world to buy your real estate if it is a land acquisition, or factory development or a hotel building we are one point contact to reach your brand to any part of world.


If you desire to buy a holiday home in gold coast or Mauritius we are one and  only name which would able to fulfill your desire.


Our brand Desire gives you true meaning to your each and every desire what so ever it is or how so ever it is untamed, big, different we bring world to your doorstep in no time you just have to desire and leave the things on us and we will make your desire come true in no time.
Today’s world is very competitive and standard conscious when we deals with such a niche products we truly understands the importance it will make in your life and thus we not work with any random things.


WE get into each and every details of your desire and assign a perfect professional  from the trade related with your desire and he or she is liable for the commitment until your satisfactions.


We at desire believes that true power in the world is your desire power and we at wish hospitality gives importance to your each emotion in very professional way.


We have exclusive range of product which we categories as below: